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The Center for Collaborative Communities sponsors numerous therapy and life counseling projects, programs and activities that explore and facilitate positive change.  Even though many approaches are used at CCC, they all have a major ingredient in common – the conversational and relational model. Believing that through conversations clients and participants have opportunities to connect with others, CCC focuses on designing, developing, and using therapeutic conversations as the primary tool for discovery and change. 


One key initiative sponsored by CCC is a programmatic model developed by an affiliate organization called Communities in Conversation (CinC).  It offers groups of people experimental opportunities to reconnect and re-engage with others, to collaborate with others, and to rediscover their ability to truly exchange perspectives.  The CinC approach has and continues to develop out of experience. The model demonstrates that communities of people, engaging in certain helpful processes of conversation based in what has come to be called “reflective listening”, are able to transform their individual, unique thoughts and feelings into shared experiences that others might hear and from which all benefit. 


CCC believes that the drive to form communities based on conversation supported by reflective listening, springs from the basic human understanding that we each possess a particle of wisdom about the issues that trouble us.  Intuitively, we understand that it is a good and useful endeavor to encourage as many concerned individuals as possible to articulate their “bits of wisdom,” giving voice to many perspectives.  Often we find that through this shared process of co-creating conversation, a maximum number of possible positive alternatives surround problems and virtually overwhelm them. Our experience of this amazing process seems to say: “Into our new community we each bring a piece of new, positive possibility, and in conversation we stitch the pieces together.” So that, from previously unspoken alternatives, together we are able to recognize and articulate multiple unique possibilities.


Not surprisingly, sometimes the new, preferred possibilities come in conversation with even the most isolated and troubled voices of the community.  It is our aspiration to create generative and reflective conversations among all groups, even (especially) the most marginalized, and to support each community and conversation in the exploration of new co-created possibilities that lead us to preferred outcomes. We do this by offering this unique CinC approach through programs that facilitate comprehensive training, including optional certification. Such training has been helpful in a variety of applications including:  Both established and beginning psychotherapy and mental health practitioners, those involved in education, health care, both voluntary and mandatory residential and out-patient treatment programs, children’s protective services organizations, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies as well as both public and private business and governmental organizations and agencies.  We have seen through extensive experience of this recursive conversational and relational process that people and their communities benefit.  In addition, these learned communication and relational skills, together with the benefits and the positive outcomes that result, become available to the next co-created community, and the next, and the next; involving new generations and new voices in future communities in conversation.


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